About Caslon

Caslon Publishing is an independent publisher located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We publish texts for professional educators that address contemporary challenges across a wide range of contexts in language and literacy education, and our work actively promotes multilingualism and intercultural communication.

Caslon at IAMME

Our publications make the latest academic research accessible and practicable to teachers, administrators, and policymakers so that these professionals are equipped to meet the language and literacy needs of their students, communities, and societies. We are passionate about the subjects in which we publish and about the books that we make.

Caslon is committed to working closely with our authors throughout the publishing process to ensure that great ideas are developed into high-quality publications that reach the audiences who need them.

The Caslon ampersand, cut by William Caslon in the 18th century, is respected for its clarity, style, and quality--the attributes we strive to emulate in each of Caslon's publications.