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Published: April, 2017

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Do you have a professional learning library for teachers and administrators who work with bilingual and English language learners? In response to numerous requests from the field, Caslon is pleased to offer the Language in Education Professional Learning Library. The library includes 15 titles in the areas of leadership, policy, and advocacy; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; biliteracy and bilingualism; program development and professional learning; and foundations for a 30% discount. This special offer saves you $189.30 and is only available until June 15, 2018Shipping costs are deducted at time of order fulfillment.

Leadership, policy, and advocacy titles

English Language Learners at School: A Guide for Administrators, Second Editon. Hamayan, E. & Field, R.F. (Editors). 

Young Dual Language Learners: A Guide for PreK-3 Leaders. Nemeth, K. (Editor). 

Common Core, Bilingual and English Language Learners: A Resource for Educators. Valdés, G., Menken, K., & Castro, M. (Editors). 

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment titles

Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners: A Guide for K-12 Teachers. Fairbairn, S. & Jones-Vo, S.

The Translanguaging Classroom: Leveraging Student Bilingualism for Learning. García, O., Johnson, S.I., & Seltzer, K. 

Special Education Considerations for English Language Learners: Delivering a Continuum of Services, Second EditionHamayan, E., Marler, B., Sánchez-López, C., & Damico, J.

The Literacy Club: Effective Instruction and Intervention for Linguistically Diverse Learners. Henn-Reinke, K. & Yang, X. 

Teaching Adolescent English Language Learners: Essential Strategies for Middle and High School. Cloud, N., Lakin, J., Leininger, E., & Maxwell, L. 

Assessment and Accountability in Language Education Programs: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers. Gottlieb, M. & Nguyen, D. 

Biliteracy and bilingualism titles

Biliteracy from the Start: Literacy Squared in Action. Escamilla, E., Hopewell, S., Butvilovsky, S., Sparrow, W., Soltero-Gonzáles, L., Ruiz-Figueroa, O., & Escamilla, M. 

Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages. Beeman, K. & Urow, C. 

Program  development and professional learning titles

Enriching Practice in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Classrooms: A Guide for Teachers and Teacher Educators. Ponte, E. & Higgins, C. 

Implementing Effective Instruction for English Language Learners: 12 Key Practices for Administrators, Teachers, and Leadership Teams. Wagner, S. & King, T. 

Foundational texts

Foundations for Multilingualism in Education: From Principles to Practice. de Jong, E. 

Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice, Second EditionWright, W. E.