As a teacher

This practitioner friendly guide helps teachers (1) describe the nature of an English language learner's (ELL’s) academic difficulty before diagnosing it, (2) identify a range of appropriate interventions, and (3) measure the ELL’s response to intervention. The text shows how to create an ECOS (Ensuring a Continuum of Services) Team, which is made up of teachers from different disciplines, administrators, and specialists, to ensure a broad perspective and a shared responsibility for helping ELLs facing learning challenges. The ECOS Team coordinates the information gathering, the formation of interventions, and the support of teachers. The tools provided with this text, including questionnaires, open-ended forms, ratings scales, and ECOS Team activities and steps, allow teachers to help design interventions that can be used with existing response-to-intervention systems or as the basis of new supports to alleviate academic difficulties for ELLs.