As a teacher

This comprehensive text prepares bilingual and general education teachers to make principled decisions about educating the English language learners (ELLs)/bilingual learners in their classrooms and schools. It also includes and expands on traditional discussions of bilingual (e.g., transitional, one-way and two-way dual language) and general education (e.g., sheltered content, pull-out English language development) program models by presenting four key principles found in quality programs for ELLs/bilingual learners in any setting:

  1. Striving for equity
  2. Affirming identities
  3. Promoting bi/multilingualism
  4. Structuring for integration

Using rich examples and guided practice activities, the text shows teachers how to recognize and apply these principles in bilingual and/or general education contexts.

The text also highlights the role of teacher as decision maker, and shows multiple pathways for teacher advocacy at the classroom, program, school, and policy levels.

Key Features