As an administrator

This practical guide is designed to help administrators and leadership teams equitably address the needs of English language learners (ELLs) as they make instructional decisions for all students. Over 70 experts answer 83 questions that administrators and leadership teams are asking about educating ELLs at the classroom, program, and policy levels. The guide is useful in three ways:

  1. As a quick reference for administrators, teachers, and leadership teams (e.g., to answer a specific question such as, “How long does it take an ELL to learn English?”, that has arisen at school)
  2. For specific program development and improvement (e.g., leadership team members might develop an action plan with the help of the guide)
  3. Professional development (PD) (e.g., PD staff might use one of the questions and responses as the basis for a discussion as to how to resolve this issue at their school)

Additionally, each chapter begins with a set of Guiding Principles that apply in any educational context and ends with a Survey for Reflection and Action that invites administrators and leadership teams to identify the degree to which the Guiding Principles are implemented in practice in their schools.