As a teacher

This practitioner friendly guide helps teachers and specialists who work in or with early childhood programs in their schools or districts address the needs of children who speak languages other than English at home. This practical guide has 45 contributing experts answering 78 practitioner questions about how to address different home languages when assessing children and classrooms.

Learning Support Features: These features allow the book to be used as an in-depth planning tool, an easy-access desktop reference for any early childhood education administrator, and a great resource for graduate courses and high-level professional development.

Key Considerations for Language Plan: Each chapter begins with this feature to show educators how they can use what they read to create a specific language plan for their schools that represents the shared knowledge and vision of the entire school community. 

Glossary: Highlights and explains the myriad of terms that may be encountered when attending meetings or reading guidance materials about working with young children who have home languages other than English.

Resources and Questions: Each chapter concludes with tools that can immediately be used in practice: