As a professor

This text links new theoretical perspectives on bilingualism with actual classroom practice. You will learn how to use translanguaging to level the playing field for bilingual students in English-medium and bilingual classrooms. The term translanguaging can be understood in two different ways. From a sociolinguistic perspective, translanguaging can be understood as the dynamic language practices of bilinguals. From a pedagogical perspective, translanguaging can be understood as an instructional and assessment framework.

The examples used throughout the text from three very different classrooms stimulate concrete thinking about students, classrooms, programs, schools, practices, and research in different bi/multilingual communities. We provide templates and tools based on our focal bilingual and English-medium classrooms to assist you in designing instructional units, lessons, and assessments that identify and build on the translanguaging corriente (the natural flow of students’ bilingualism through the classroom) in your educational context.